Our Breakfast


Breakfast at Ddò is a palette of colours and flavours. Every day our pastry chef prepares bread, sweet and savoury cakes, shortcrust pastries, tarts and fresh baking goods and the famous Apulian focaccia. And of course, there is the Bocconotto: the shortbread pastry that encloses a heart of custard and black cherry, our homage to this wonderful land. Fruit is fresh and seasonal: figs and prickly pears in summer, pomegranates and walnuts in autumn. Then, of course, juices, a selection of teas and infusions, coffee, yoghurt, and cereals. It is a delicious breakfast but also a healthy one, with an attention to the territory and its excellences such as cheeses, ricottine and Capocollo di Martina Franca. On request we offer gluten-free products and our selection of eggs from the menu.