Ddò Spa

Ddò Spa is a space dedicated to wellness and time for oneself. Contemporary design and warm lights follow a path that includes Finnish Sauna, Turkish Bath, Showers, Relaxation Area with comfortable chaise lounges and a massage room. 

The soft lighting and chromotherapy system in the sauna promote total relaxation and well-being for body and mind.

The Sauna, powered by a 9-kw stove, uses the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, literally means “burned cedar planks” because it was originally used on cedar planks (Sugi in Japanese), a popular wood in Japan. This is an ancient natural wood treatment that avoids the use of chemicals and synthesized substances such as resins, paints, plastics and lacquers that are otherwise toxic. The natural and environmentally friendly treatment gives the wood planks dark colors and suggestive hues. 

Turkish Bath

Close your eyes and slow down.

Stone and mosaic for the ancient ritual of rejuvenating steam. A space to close your eyes, ease tension, and purify your skin and body. An experience of absolute pleasure and comfort.