About us


Ddò is our home in the Itria Valley, the most beautiful part of Puglia. Nestled on a small hill, it has a forest behind it, red clay in the front, a beautiful vineyard and large old oaks.

The volumes, the light-coloured stone, the arches, the vaults, the old oven and the dry-stone walls are all heritage of the old farmhouse. With the precious help and vision of our friend Leo Ancona, who was able to interpret our dreams, we have recovered all the original materials where possible and combined them with elements of our time and with the things we love, such as contemporary art and photography.

We have designed it not only for ourselves, but also to share these spaces and landscapes with those who travel and love this wonderful land, with those who are discovering it for the first time and with those who decide to return and stop right here or as they say in Puglia: “Ddò’”.


Renato Serpieri and Pinotta Fasano

Lines and details are carefully and originally designed by Leo Ancona, who was able to interpret the owners’dream. As the project was being realized, the friendship with the designer became Pinotta and Renato’s real treasure.